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Article from CHA Publications

Charlie and A.J. Poole were 10 and 9 years old in 2013 when their grandmother, Helen Pomakoy, moved in with them. Her Alzheimer’s had been getting worse, and the boys’ mother, Sara, decided that bringing her to their McLean, Virginia, home was the best option.

Helen Pomakoy lived with them for two years before her death in 2015, and the family’s life changed drastically. The boys rarely had friends over. When their grandmother got confused in the middle of the night, they would help to calm her, and then go to school the next morning without falling asleep again. Their schoolwork suffered, and teachers didn’t know what was going on. The boys would bring dinner to her and give her medication (she would take it from them, but not from their mother), and they would make sure she didn’t do anything dangerous, such as turning on the stove. Although she would get confused and lash out at adults, Charlie and A.J. often were able to calm her.

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