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A page from Saint Anne’s Scrapbook


This page from the scrapbook features a story on Henrietta Parrot who served on the first board of directors, and really spread Holiday Cheer throughout the building that first Christmas in 1967. Her incredible dedication and heart for Saint Anne’s continued, and 50 years later, she helped decorate the big tree in the lobby, yet again.

We are certainly blessed to enjoy the fellowship of such incredible people.

Thank you for your heart for this community, Henrietta, and thank you, Annie, for so beautifully documenting the joyous event!

In the year 1967, The Beatles topped Billboard charts with their release of the album, Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Color TV sets became more affordable and most television shows were recorded in color. The first Super Bowl was played. A gallon of gas cost 33 cents, the Federal minimum wage was $1.40 per hour, and the first resident was admitted to Saint Anne’s.

Fifty years ago, Christmas at Saint Anne’s looked different. The building was new, empty, and had no Christmas decorations. On December 12, 1967 the first resident was admitted to our facility and the building began to change.

Our very own Henrietta Parrot was instrumental in these changes. Henrietta was named one of the 20 individuals invited to serve on the first Board of Directors in June of 1967. At that time, Henrietta was working for the Fort Wayne Parks Department. In December, as the first residents were being admitted, Henrietta wanted to do something special. She received approval from the other Board members to bring the residents a Christmas tree. Fifty years ago this month, Henrietta and her husband brought the first Christmas tree to Saint Anne’s and decorated it. One of the female residents played Christmas carols on the piano while the other 6 residents, staff, Henrietta and her husband sang Christmas carols. Henrietta has fond memories of the 6-foot tree and the red and gold glass balls that hung from its branches.

Henrietta’s dedication to Saint Anne’s was only just beginning. She felt strongly that the residents needed to know what events were happening in addition to making the empty walls feel a bit homier. She proposed the first bulletin board for the facility, bringing it to one of the board meetings.

Henrietta continued her service to Saint Anne’s throughout the years. She served as one of the Marians, a group of volunteers. She also started the first Christmas bazaar. It still thrives today, 48 years later.

To show our appreciation, we asked Henrietta to place ornaments on the Christmas tree this year, 50 years after she decorated the first tree. As we celebrate 50 years of service, and the birth of Jesus, let’s also celebrate Henrietta Parrot and her dedication to the growth of Saint Anne Communities and the residents that we serve!